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Texas Travel: Best Things To Do With Kids

Texas opens a gateway for several fun opportunities for families visiting as tourists. You can indulge in indoor activities, educational explorations, outdoor activities, thrilling adventures, and many other things. If you are planning to visit Texas with your family and kids we have curated the list of top fun things to do in Texas with kids. You can explore these options while on vacation and make your trip memorable. Read the article ahead to know more about these places in Texas.  

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Roberts Point Park  

Among the different things to do in Texas with kids, this place is a fun one for them to play and be by themselves, with a view of the waterside. They have play equipment for your kids to keep them entertained. Take your kids to explore the best waterside park in the city.  

What To Do?  

They have a very tall lookout tower which provides a breathtaking view of the water.  

You can play your day out with the kids during sunrise and sunset to capture some stunning pictures.  

Your kids will also love watching the marine wildlife from the lookout tower like dolphins, fish, and others.  

This place gives you full tropical vibes to enjoy with your kids with great music.  

Port Aransas  

This place has an 18-mile-long shoreline having some of the famous beaches and water sports activities. Your kids will just love to build their sandcastles near the water while you can give it a try to explore some adventure. Embark on these adventures to do with kids this summer and ensure a gala time. 

What To Do? 

Collect some interesting shells and take them back home as souvenirs.  

Explore some water sports activities with your family. Avoid taking your kids to water sports activities.  

It is a safe place for your kids to play by themselves and just feel the seaside life.  

The beaches here have lifeguards too and are very clean.  

Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center 

This place is a birder’s paradise and one the best places to visit in Texas with family. You can just enjoy watching the different bird species here. Enjoy the panoramic views of the place and take some stunning pictures.  

What To Do? 

Walk down the newly opened trail along the shoreline if you want to witness the flora and fauna of the place.  

Look for animals like large alligators, ducks, pelicans, songbirds, wading birds and others here.  

Photography lovers can come here to get some good shots of the wildlife.  

Aransas Pass Aquatic Center  

This is a public swimming pool in Aransas Pass, Texas. It has various water park slides and a swimming pool to enjoy during the summer.  

What To Do? 

You can also join the Aqua Zumba here which is conducted on Wednesdays. It is a unique experience for tourists. It is one of the best kid-friendly things to do. 

Book them for your private parties and get one of the best hosts in the city.  

Your kids can join the swimming classes here and get trained in swimming.  

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Dining Places To Visit In Texas

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Explore these dining places with your kids and taste some of the best delicacies here.  

Butter Churn  

Explore this family-owned restaurant in Texas.  

Taste delicacies like BBQ Brisket, fried fish, pork chops, chicken tenders, cowboy steak, broiled chicken etc., here.  

Your kids can eat food like spaghetti and grilled chicken here.  


They have a kitchen with a bar and space for events too.  

You can dine in as well as take out your order. Sit in the pavilion area or indoor dining room to enjoy your meals.  

Mickey’s Bar and Grill  

Mickey’s Bar and Grill has the best views for the visitors.  

This waterfront eatery has the best seafood and steak with some amazing classic bites.  

Dorado’s Restaurant and Bar  

For great cocktails, you can visit this place.  

Your kids will enjoy the music during the live performances at the restaurant.  

Enjoy the food at the bar while your kids can enjoy food while listening to live performances.  

Crab N Restaurant  

It serves vegetarian dishes, has outdoor seating, and provides delivery too.  

Their menu has items like mussels frites, shrimp salad, chicken fried steak, key lime pie, and others.  

For family-friendly experiences in Texas, come to this restaurant. 

Bakery Cafe  

To taste American comfort food, visit the Bakery Cafe.  

You can also try some Mexican food options here.  

Visit these places with your kids and have a fun dining experience in Texas.  

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1. What Outdoor Activities Are Available For Kids In Texas? 

They can explore options like bird watching, fishing, boating, and exploring marine wildlife when in Texas.  

2. Are There Any Educational Fun Places For Kids In Texas? 

Yes, you can go to Aransas Aquatic Center, Roberts Point Park, Port Aransas Museum, and others.  

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