Safety Tips

The safety and security of our guests is our priority. We request the guests to read through the safety tips and ensure their utmost safety and well-being throughout their stay at Conn Brown Harbour Inn, one of the best hotels in Aransas Pass, TX.

General Safety Advice

Please take a moment to review the following travel tips for a stress-free vacation.


Travel Recommendations

Pack Light

Opt for minimal baggage to enhance your travel comfort.

Use Zip Lock Bags

Carry zip-lock bags for convenient management of wet or damp clothes.

Secure Your Belongings

Always lock your travel bags and luggage to prevent unexpected loss of personal items.

Carry Essential Documents

Ensure you have your passport, driver's license, and all relevant vehicle documents before departure.

Book Tickets Online

Booking tickets in advance for popular tourist attractions in the city can save you time.

Hotel Guidelines


Upon Arrival

Familiarize Yourself

Take a moment to study the property map located on the back of your guestroom door to find fire exits and exit staircases on your floor.

Know Fire Safety

Identify the locations of fire extinguishers and alarm pull stations on your floor.

Air Conditioner Safety

Locate the "Off" button on your air conditioner, as turning it off can prevent smoke from entering your room in case of a fire.

Security Measures

Lock Your Room

Ensure the security of your room by using the deadbolt to lock the door.

Extra Security

Utilize the additional safety latch to further reinforce your room's security.

Verify Before Granting Access

Always verify the identity of unfamiliar individuals before granting them access to your room. If unsure, contact the front desk for assistance.

Keep Your Room Keys Secure

Store your room keys in a secure place. Avoid leaving them inside the room or on the door. Do not hand over your keys to strangers.

Note:Please return your keys to the front desk before leaving for the day.

Emergency Procedures


In Case Of Fire

Stay Calm

.Remain calm and avoid panicking.

Activate Alarms

.Activate the nearest fire alarm.

Secure Your Room

. If possible, close your room door.

Contact The Front Desk

.Inform the front desk about the situation.

Evacuate Promptly

.Evacuate your room and the hotel premises promptly. Remember to carry your room key along.


In Case Of Smoke

Protect Yourself

. Cover your nose and mouth with a damp towel folded into a triangle.

Seek Help

.Contact the front desk for assistance.

Crawl To Safety

. Crawl towards the door

Check Door Temperature

In Case Of A Tornado Or Severe Weather

Stay Calm

.During emergencies like tornadoes, the hotel's fire alarm system and the city's Civil Defense Sirens will be activated. Please follow our evacuation procedures to reach the lowest floor. Our staff will assist you throughout the process. We'll make stern efforts to update you on the situation through phone calls or room visits.

Scenario A

If the doorknob feels cold, gently open it and exit the room with your room key.

Scenario B

If it feels hot, wait for our service team's assistance.

Scenario 1

Proceed to the emergency exit stairs if the hallway is smoke-free.

Scenario 2

If the hallway is filled with smoke, return to your room for guidance and assistance.

COVID-19 Protocols

We strictly enforce COVID-19 protocols in accordance with the state regulations on social distancing. Please adhere to the following guidelines for utmost safety during the pandemic:

Wear Face Masks

.Wear face masks in public areas such as the lobby.

Maintain Social Distancing

.Follow social distancing protocols in places like the breakfast area.

Disclaimer: The hotel cannot be held responsible for any illnesses experienced by guests during their stay on our premises. Your health and safety are our top priorities, and we appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines.